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Caring Book Set

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Children are born with an innate sense of kindness and compassion, but it’s important to nurture these skills as they experience new contexts and challenges. Our Introduction to Caring Book Set includes each of our Caring Crew creatures’ Introduction Board Books that explore key topics to help children become caring individuals. Yeti, Honeybear, Sloth, Otter, and Ibex’s stories offer affirming messages and include Reflect & Connect Questions that facilitate meaningful discussions between caregivers and children on the lessons shared in each book.

What's Included:

"Honey Bear, I'm Grateful For You: An Introduction to Gratitude" Board Book
"Ibex Greets His Feelings: An Introduction to Emotional Courage" Board Book
"Otter's Heart Family: An Introduction to Connections" Board Book
"Sloth's Daily Plan: An Introduction to Routines" Board Book
"Yeti Greets the World: An Introduction to Mindfulness" Board Book
Please Note: This set features new books for Otter, Ibex, Sloth, and Yeti.

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